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Masterclass Julia Juániz

Dreams and dreamers' Editing   
I am always trying to convey the idea that you have to find that desire of wanting to make films, and to acquire the knowledge to be able to express yourself through cinematographic images. Editing a film is about giving meaning to the filmed images, it is about rewriting the script, redefining the structure of the film. Always in collaboration with the director.
In this meeting, we will talk about:
· History of the evolution of film editing. 
· Differences between editing fiction and documentaries. 
· Different styles of editing. 
We will watch clips, compare the first and the final editing and explain why such decisions are made, even though there are no fixed rules.
But we must always think about how we tell the story, considering the different elements and understanding how it affects the emotions of the audience.

Cinema is my passion. Since 1990, I have been working as a film and documentary editor with Carlos Saura, Víctor Erice, Ramon Barea, Chus Gutiérrez, Rafael Gordon, Alberto Moráis, Paula Cons, Bobby Moresco, Mark Steven Jhonson, Carmen Chaplin, etc.

As a director, I try to discover other narrative forms within experimental film and video art.
I also do photography, photography collages, installations of different contents, I paint film negatives that I then screen, and I make light boxes and installations with them.
I have won several awards: Ricardo Franco Award at the 24th Malaga Film Festival, Simone de Beauvoir Award in 2021, Zinemakumeak Gara! Award in 2017, Zinemira Award for my entire career at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2006, Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos Award for Editing El cielo gira and the great Basque Film Award at the Bilbao Film Festival for Train time as director in 1991.
I am a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Hollywood, the European Film Academy and the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain.

DAY: Tuesday 5th March
TIME: 11:00 a.m.
PLACE: Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga
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