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Neópolis #2

What is Neópolis
At the Malaga Festival we have launched a project that blends avant-garde art with science and technology. This new territory is called Neópolis. It is a space, between the real and the virtual, from which we intend to promote dialogues between artists and scientists to create works that move us and encourage reflection. It is time to calm the urgency to strengthen the sustainability of human beings. From this open dialogue from the scientific and technological to the philosophical and the world of ideas, we want to challenge the 'inhabitants' of our Neopolis, the interested public, to learn about the influence of science and technology in our lives. A reflection that, far from both uncontrolled consumption and technophobia, will allow us to decide what our attitude towards this new contemporary environment should be.
Neópolis #2
For this second edition of Neópolis we have focused on three specific work areas:
Artificial Intelligence
The machine/human relationship
Plant Kingdom
Neópolis #2 Itinerary
Plant Kingdom

Neópolis #2: ‘Planta Sapiens: Sed’. Organic installation by the artist Emmanuel Lafont.
SEAP (Plaza de la Constitución, 7) [Thursday, the 7th/Friday, the 8th/Saturday, the 9th, during SEAP opening hours]
What we know about plant behaviour. Their behaviour in response to disease and hostile environments. We tend to reduce the living beings of the plant kingdom to living beings ruled by our human gaze and variables. What place and space are we giving them on a planet that is tending towards desertification. Will they survive us? This first part of the installation Planta Sapiens: Sed invites us to a first reading from the ground to think about the role that our behaviour on the planet, within the Anthropocene era, plays in the plant kingdom.
Neópolis #2: ‘Planta Sapiens: (NO) Sed’. Organic installation by the artist Óscar Ros.
SEAP (Plaza de la Constitución, 7) [Thursday, the 7th/Friday, the 8th/Saturday, the 9th, during SEAP open hours]
This plant installation reflects on intelligent plant behaviour. We must relate to it from the ground upwards, like improvised roots that fall on us, branches that interact and react to our stimulation. Drought, aggression to the plant kingdom. Putting down roots solves many of the planet's problems, whether symbolically or biologically. If drought progresses, if diseases on plants change and become more hostile, will the living beings of the plant kingdom be able to take root?

Machine/human being relationship and AI

Neópolis #2: ‘Perfectus Imperfectio 1.0. Spatial installation with visual actions and sound impact’ by Roy Laguna and David Burbano
La Casa Amarilla (Calle Carretería, 23 bis)
The 7th, 8th and 9th of March
A company scans our irises in exchange for bitcoins. A technological corporation intervenes our body in exchange for liquid money, a currency of exchange in a world we are unable to touch. Liquid membranes that become solid barriers for the human being. This interaction of the machine with the human being will have a reach that, to this day, we cannot define.  This liquid membrane grows and increases its weight in our reality. Those who are not in our reality stay among us because digital heritage escapes our control. A non-normative world that prevents us from mourning, that constantly reminds us of those who are (not) among us anymore. Are they not among us? The accumulation of technologies we call AI is designed to increase that sense of virtual companionship. Birthdays on social media, a voice note, news on the web… Who are not here have the right to be without their consent?
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