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Reinventing Spanish Cinema Carlos F. Herdero

Since its beginnings to the present day, Spanish cinema has never stopped reinventing itself. Endlessly, this country’s filmmaking has shown a more than remarkable capacity to propose new alternatives, to try aesthetic trends and distinct narrative, to find new energies…
The renovating impulse of Filmófono production during the Spanish Republic, the ‘critical Spanish Regenerationism’, the transgressive dark humour and the Spanish Esperpento. The New Spanish Cinema and the Barcelona School in the 60s. The intermediate model of the 'Third Way’, the metaphorical cinema of the late Francoism and the Spanish transition to democracy. The revitalising drive of the documentary in that same period, the generational renewal of the 90s. The dissent generated by the 'Other Spanish Cinema' and the creative lifeblood of women filmmakers in the new century, plus the production that emerges from the platforms and narratives offered by serial fiction recently.
Those are thirteen spotlights that appear like many other ‘significant moments’, thirteen ‘plot twists’ in the middle of a long journey that speaks of a constant effort to seek alternative ways rather than a more regular production. ‘Reinventing Spanish cinema’ is not a magic potion nor a recipe, nor a new aesthetic movement, nor a demanding flag. In fact, it is its own history: an intermittent tale of progress, experiments, and achievements.
That’s how a different story of the Spanish cinema is born, written by Aguilar and Cabrerizo, Enric Albero, Josetxo Cerdán Los Arcos, Fidel Enciso Durán, Carlos F. Heredero, Concha Gómez, José Enrique Monterde, Áurea Ortiz Villeta, Esteve Riambau, Diego Rufo Helguera, Antonio Santamarina, Elsa Tébar, Casimiro Torreiro and Jara Yáñez. The book is theirs.

DAY: Sunday 3rd March
TIME: 17:00 p.m.
PLACE: Rectorado de la UMA 
Free entry while seating is available

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