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Talento Andaluz Award. Alfonso Sánchez

Canal Sur in the 27th edition of the Malaga Festival will grant its ‘Talento Andaluz’ Award to the versatile actor, scriptwriter and director Alfonso Sánchez.
This award, which recognises Alfonso Sánchez's career as an acclaimed actor as well as his talent as a director and scriptwriter, will be awarded during the event on 4th March at the Albéniz Cinema as part of the Festival's programme. 

Alfonso Sánchez
Alfonso Sánchez's career in 2012 experienced a turning point, when he made a major impact with his own project, the promoted film by Canal Sur ‘ El mundo es nuestro’, where he is not only producer, director and scriptwriter, but also one of the main characters along with Alberto López (‘El Culebra’), the other half the comedy duo ‘Los compadres’. A film that earned him the award for best actor at the Malaga Festival and the award for best new director awarded by the Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos.
Since then, under his direction, the public successes ‘El mundo es suyo’ (2018), ‘Para toda la muerte’ (2020) and ‘El Mundo es Vuestro’ (2022) have followed, as well as, the premiere of the documentary ‘Sembrando Sueños’, where the figure of Álvarez Quintero brothers is vindicated, all of them films that have counted with the participation of Canal Sur, which reflects the commitment of the RTVA with Andalusian cinema.

As an actor, Sanchez has participated in popular series as ‘Plaza Alta’ or ‘Arranyán’ of Canal Sur, and in national produtions like ‘Los hombres de Paco’, ‘Aída’, or ‘Allí abajo’, as well as in films such as ‘Grupo 7’ directed by the Andalusian Aberto Rodriguez, or the comedy ‘8 apellidos vascos’, among others. He has also worked in entertainment show ‘Entre compadres’, of Canal Sur, where the comedy duo discovers Andalusia as they travel across it, facing all sorts of situations and adventures.

Alfonso Sánchez studied Audiovisual Communication in Malaga, where he combined his studies with Dramatic Art. At the age of 22, he started ‘Mundoficción’ his film producer, with which he made short film winning several awards, including the RTVA Award in the ‘Almería en corto’ section of the International Almería Festival for ‘La gota’ (2005).
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