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The aim of this new section is to light up some areas of our cinematographic past. These are unknown areas but full of worth, and that way claim the extraordinary value of our cinematography heritage. It will consist of unknown and unpublished films, which, for the first time in many decades, are getting the place they deserve.
This first edition is entitled 'Cuplé y revolución’ and shows us how during the 30s some of the social revolutions that took place at the time used new musical styles, from the tango to the cuplé. The screening of these films will also be supported by a musical performance that updates the proposal.
Section conducted by Luis E. Parés.

Friday 1st March
12:00 p.m Teatro Echegaray

Nosotros somos así (Valentín R. González, 1937) (30 min.)
Nuestro culpable (Fernando Mignoni, 1938) (84 min.)

Performance: LaPili. Animal narrativa
The CIA LaPili, delves into the emotional matter of celluloid to explore through its stories, the stories that we are, create and relate to. Because we are fabulist animals that need to understand in order to adapt and survive uncertainty. With a smooth tracking shot, LaPili brings the camera lens close to shoot essences close-up, to let the cat out of the bag and to tell by singing with the desire to broaden life and its understanding through artistic creation.
On stage: LaPili, Ana Paz (piano and sound effects) and Rocio Rubio
Text creation: Vicky Molina

Saturday 2nd March
12:00 p.m Teatro Echegaray

Abajo los hombres (José María Castellvi, 1934) (99 min.)

Performance: Laura Ortiz. Ni abajo, ni arriba.
By Carmelita Aubert in someone else’s body.
We are at the Palacio de la Prensa in Madrid on the 3rd of February 1936, today is the premiere of the long-awaited film ¡Abajo los hombres!, the first musical film in Spanish cinema. As a surprise for the audience attending the premiere, we will be joined by the great star of the cuplé and of the big screen, Carmelita Aubert, the film's main character. She will be in charge of delighting us after the screening with some of the main tracks of the film, with Carmelita Vidal on the piano and, in someone else’s body, the actress from Malaga, Laura Ortiz.

Modernity has arrived in Spain during the Second Republic and this is what our artist will show us.
Refrain from coming if you get dizzy when time travelling…

Sunday 3rd March
12:00 p.m Teatro Echegaray

Barrios bajos (Pedro Puche, 1937) 90 min.

Performance: José Carra
The love triangle between Ricardo, Rosa, and El Valencia is brought to music by the piano, the guitar, and the bandoneon. Expressionism, tango, and French Neorealism merge in this concert, which is a musical impression of Pedro Puche's film. Based on the tango Barrios Bajos, which gives its name to the film, this musical journey aims to recreate this passionate melodrama released in the middle of the Spanish Civil War.

Piano: Jose Carra
Guitar: Victoria Ruiz de la Rubia
Bandoneon: Mariano González
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