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Biznaga, ciudad del paraíso

Lola Herrera

Biznaga, ciudad del paraíso

Born in Valladolid, Lola Herrera is gifted with a wide range of talent that has allowed her to perform in all genres, either, theatre or cinema and television.
She made her professional theatre debut at the age of 20 in El campanero by E. Wallace at the Teatro de la Comedia in Madrid. Since then, she has played a multitude of characters, in a professional career full of struggle and huge personal effort. From the mid-60s until 1976 she combined her theatrical career and her work on Spanish Television. During those years, she played a large number of classic and modern authors, working with all the directors and filmmakers of the time and obtaining all the awards that were up for grabs in television. In 1979, she premiered Miguel Delibes’ monologue Cinco horas con Mario at the Teatro Marquina in Madrid, the greatest success of her career, of which she has performed for four decades. For her interpretation of the character of Carmen Sotillo she was awarded the Gold Medal of the Círculo de Bellas Artes. In 2006, she received the Gold Medal for Merit at Work.
In cinema, after starring in films such as La Lola, dicen que no vive sola (Jaime de Armiñán), La graduada (Mariano Ozores), La semana del asesino (Eloy de la Iglesia), Abortar en Londres (Gil Carretero), Arriba Hazaña (José María Gutiérrez), in 1981 she starred, alongside her ex-husband Daniel Dicenta, in the successful film Función de noche (Josefina Molina), for which she won the award for best actress at the Cartagena de Indias Festival (Colombia) and represented Spain at multiple international festivals. The next movies where she appeared were La próxima estación (Antonio Mercero), En penumbra (José Luis Lozano),  El amor perjudica seriamente la salud (Manuel Gómez Pereira) and  Primer y último amor (Antonio Giménez Rico). Her most recent cinematic works as protagonist were with the director Álvaro Bejines in Por qué se frotan las patitas and Pasaje al Amanecer, directed by Andreu Castro.
She is currently on tour in Spain with the theatrical performance Adictos, a work by Daniel Dicenta Herrera and Juanma Gómez directed by Magüi Mira, which she will bring to the Teatro Cervantes  in Málaga on January 20 and 21 as part of the 41st Theatre Festival.

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