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Mortelli, un cas perdut
(Mortelli, un caso perdido )

Ben Fernández


PRODUCTION Beamos Producción, Jaibo Films
WRITING Ben Fernández
MUSIC Jaime Zaragoza Mayor
EDITION Miguel Garvi
CAST Luis Francisco Zaragoza, Fina de la Torre, Leandro Mañana, Sara López, Dolores Cardona, Arly Jones, Hugo Boncanca
DISTRIBUTION Institut Valencià de Cultura - Curts
SYNOPSIS Detective Mortelli, a friend of gambling and alcohol, is not doing well in retirement. Just the day his wife leaves him, he receives a call from Chief Rowley who assigns him one last case, perhaps the strangest and most exciting of his career.
Ben Fernández He is a specialist in animation from photographic cutouts in Photoshop and After Effects. In 2016 he released The Stunt Manual with the production company Jaibo Films, obtaining great success in international festivals. With Miss Mbulu, made with the same technique, he was nominated for the Goya Awards and won the award for best animated short at the Berlanga Awards organized by AVAV. In addition to being screened at festivals, his short films have been shown on Movistar Plus+. FILMOGRAPHY Miss Mbulu (animated film, 2018), The Stunt Manual (animated film, 2016)

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