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La lista de los deseos

Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo


Day 05 at 16:00 - Cine Albéniz - Sala 2


WRITING Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo
MUSIC Julio de la Rosa
CAST María León, Victoria Abril, Silvia Alonso, Salva Reina, Boré Buika, Paco Tous, Joaquín Núñez
SYNOPSIS Eva and Carmen meet in their chemo sessions, where both are fighting a breast cancer. Carmen, who is on her third time through this, encourages Eva to make a list of three things that she always wanted to do but never did, and to do them once her treatment finishes without looking at the results. Carmen still has a thing left to cross off the list that she made 25 years ago. Moreover, Mar, Eva’s best friend, and who just became single, joins them and makes her own list. The three of them rent a motorhome and begin an optimist and lively trip where they will have unforgettable, funny and crazy experiences, and where they will meet Toni and Manu, who will help them finish their lists while they steal their hearts.
Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo Born in Madrid and grown in Malaga, he graduates with Honours from the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom, in Film and Media Studies. After graduating, he comes back to Spain where he makes some short films until he debuts as film director and scriptwriter with Café solo or con ellas, Love Expresso, getting several awards and becoming the fourth most blockbuster film in 2007.

  FILMOGRAPHY La lista de los deseos (feature film, 2020), Los Japón (feature film, 2019), Señor dame paciencia (feature film, 2017), La despedida (feature film, 2014), Café solo o con ellas (feature film, 2007)
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