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Las Milagros existen

Andrés Llugany


Day 01 at 22:30 - Cine Albéniz - Sala 3

Day 01 at 16:00 - Cine Albéniz - Sala 3

Pass available to the audience on the day of the screening if seats remain available.


COUNTRY Argentina
WRITING Gabriel Dalla Torre adapted by Andrés Llugany
CINEMATOGRAPHY Fernando González
MUSIC Gisela Levin, Andres Llugany
EDITION Camila Menéndez
CAST Clara Furlán de Paz, Aldana Zalazar, María Alejandra Trigueros, Melody Moro, Elena Schnell, Margarita Cubillos, Luna Pannochia, Laura Lahoz, Natasha Sirera, Andrea Gisela Lorca, Joaquín de Lucia, Maximiliano Villegas, César Massi, Valeria Rivas
SYNOPSIS Two girls named Milagros discover strange coincidences between them that go beyond their shared name. They immediately set out to find other Milagros and discover that these coincidences extend to every girl with that name.
Andrés Llugany

With 25 years of film activity and more than 50 audiovisual productions. He is also a cartoonist, writer, and musician, who has created his own cinematic language closely related to comics and fantasy. This distinctive style makes his productions easily recognizable, leading to widespread recognition in various festival circuits, where he has often emerged as a winner. His work is characterized by a strong emphasis on narrative synthesis, silence in dialogues, reflective pauses, and explorations between spaces. However, it doesn't neglect a unique sense of humor and a constant intention for expressive experimentation.

FILMOGRAPHY El duende de los sismos ha conseguido una cita en Tinder (animated, 2022), Velada de ajedrez en el museo (animated, 2021), El rostro de cristal (largometraje, 2019), El fuego y lo que ha dejado (short film, 2019), Rápidos, furiosos y abollados (short film, 2018), Los emigrantes (animated, 2017), Héroe local (short film, 2016), El salón de los vehículos infernales (documentary, 2015), El silencio (largometraje, 2014), La visita de cada noche (short film, 2011), La vida inmóvil (documentary, 2007)

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