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Kárate a muerte en Torremolinos

Pedro Temboury


Day 08 at 18:30 - Cine Albéniz - Sala 3


WRITING Pedro Temboury, Pablo Álvarez Almagro
CAST Curro Cruz, Jesús Franco, Sonia Okomo, Paul Lapidus, Julio Sanjuán, Juanma Lara, Carol Salvador, Lucio Romero, Manuel Romo, Angie Barea, Pedro Temboury, Jordi Costa
SYNOPSIS Torremolinos, 2000. The one that seems to be the most pointless city in the world is on the verge of a wave of terror. The evil doctor Malvedades arrived in town with the purpose of resurrecting four karate experts who drowned in the Malaga bay. He does this to kidnap five girls who have lost their virginity under the August moon. The final goal is to awaken the monster Jocántaro, that is half spider crab and half octopus, and take over the world.
Pedro Temboury Malaga, 1971. He developed his love for fantasy and B films since a very young age. He collaborated as assistant director of Jesús Franco and is the author of some short films. In 2003, he shot his first feature film, Kárate a muerte en Torremolinos.
  FILMOGRAPHY La primera ola (documentary film, 2015), La última película de Jess Franco (documentary film, 2013), Ellos robaron la picha de Hitler (feature film, 2006), Kárate a muerte en Torremolinos (feature film, 2003), Generador adolescente (short film, 1998)
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