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La furia de Mackenzie

Paco Campano, José Luis Reinoso, Felix Caña


Day 08 at 18:30 - Cine Albéniz - Sala 3


WRITING José Luis Reinoso, Félix Caña, Paco Campano
CAST Rubén Hernández, Mercedes Almarcha, Sergio Ruiz, Javier Gallego, Pablo Baena, Paco Campano, Félix Caña, Antonio Dechent
SYNOPSIS Route 74. Near the border, a police van transports two dangerous criminals, Mackenzie and Branson, to a deserved death. But fate has a different ending in mind, and they manage to escape from the feared Sheriff Apollo. On the run, they kidnap a seemingly ordinary family. Mackenzie will have to face the forces of evil itself. Terrible creatures haunt the surrounding area.
Paco Campano, José Luis Reinoso, Felix Caña Paco Campano
Director, screenwriter, and Andalusian and filmmaker. Creator of the Seville Film Festival’s promotions and other music festivals. He’s also a special effects filmmaker. In 2005, he premiered his debut work as co-director, La furia de Mackenzie. In 2022, he directed the film Arde!, nominated for Best Film at Sitges Festival.
José Luis Reinoso
Screenwriter and director, known for La furia de Mackenzie.
Felix Caña
Screenwriter, actor, and director. As screenwriter, he has titles such as Angus & Cheryl in 2008 and La furia de Mackenzie, in which he’s also director and actor.
  FILMOGRAPHY Paco Campano
Furia! (largometraje, 2022), La furia de Mackenzie (largometraje, 2005)
José Luis Reinoso
La furia de Mackenzie (largometraje, 2005)
Felix Caña
La furia de Mackenzie (largometraje, 2005)
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