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Yo no soy esa

Maria Ripoll


Day 07 at 16:30 - Multicines Rosaleda - Sala 2

Day 06 at 19:00 - Cine Albéniz - Sala 1

Pass available to the audience on the day of the screening if seats remain available.


PRODUCTION El Estudio, Cahuenga Filmmakers
WRITING Olga Iglesias
MUSIC Simon Smith
EDITION Juliana Montañés
CAST Verónica Echegui, Silma López, Adam Jezierski, Daniel Grao, Olivia Molina, Ángela Molina
DISTRIBUTION Sony Pictures Spain
SYNOPSIS When Susana 17-year-old falls into a coma in the late 1990s, waking up again in 2024 is what she least expected. Susana is rushed into adulthood and has to adapt to a completely different society, just to realize that the most important things in life are neither romantic love nor popularity: it's all about being true to who you are, whatever that may be…
Maria Ripoll She directed Twice Upon a Yesterday in London and won best screenplay at the Montreal International Film Festival, the Audience Award at Sitges and Seattle Film Festival. Also she was nominated for best new director at Goya Awards. Tortilla Soup, shot in LA, was a box office success in the USA and received 9 nominations for the ALMA Awards. She returned to Spain to direct Utopia and Your Life in 65 Minutes. In 2012 she produced and directed Cromosoma Cinco for TVE. Between Bombay and Barcelona, she directed Traces of Sandalwood, which won best film at the Gaudí Awards and the Audience Award in Montreal. In 2015 and 2016, she directed It's Now or Never and Don't Blame It on Your Karma!, both big box office hits. In 2019, she directed Live Twice, Love Once. She directed War of Likes in Mexico for Sony and Prime Video. She directed the TV series A Private Affair, 2022 for Prime Video. In the same year, We Wont' Kill Each Other with Guns premieres at the Malaga Film Festival. FILMOGRAPHY Nosotros no nos mataremos con pistolas (feature film, 2022), Vivir dos veces (feature film, 2019), No culpes al karma de lo que te pasa por gilipollas (feature film, 2016), Ahora o nunca (feature film, 2015), Rastros de sándalo (feature film, 2014), Cromosoma cinco (documental, 2012), Tu vida en 65' (feature film, 2006), Utopía (feature film, 2003), Tortilla Soup (feature film, 2001), Lluvia en los zapatos (feature film, 1998)

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