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Velintonia 3

Javier Vila Galarza


Day 03 at 18:00 - Rectorado UMA

Freen entry while seating is available

PRODUCTION MLK Producciones, Surnames Narradores Transmedia
WRITING Javier Vila, Leticia Salvago
EDITION Javier Vila
SYNOPSIS The memory of the poet Vicente Aleixandre beats in silence on 3 Velintonia street, Madrid. The house of this Nobel Prize for Literature, in which he spent his time with much of the Generation of 27 (Lorca, Cernuda, Miguel Hernández...) and, after the civil war, much of the future authors of Spanish literature of the twentieth century, is abandoned and for sale. This documentary reconstructs its history and recovers its spirit
Javier Vila Galarza Director and visual artist, Javier Vila has extensive experience in the field of documentary, both as a screenwriter and editor. Selected documentaries (feature and short film) such as Breaknation (David Pareja, Tarkemoto), Paraíso en llamas (José A. Hergueta, 2020), Rota & Roll (Vanesa Benítez, 2017), La fabulosa Casablanca (Manu Horrillo, 2016), Schulten's Tartessos and The Gran Tour of Jorge Bonsor (Antonio Lobo, MLK Producciones, 2012 and 2016), Under Taurus and Orion (Michael Meert, 2014), among others, which have been seen in cities such as New York, London, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Athens, Mexico, Rabat or Cairo and are part of the catalog of platforms such as Filmin, In-Edit or Feelmakers. She debuted in the feature film with Beyond Flamenco selected at several festivals. FILMOGRAPHY Other animals (documentary, 2018), Jardines en el aire (documentary, 2016), Another confused animal (documentary, 2015), Más allá del Flamenco / Beyond Flamenco (feature film, 2014)

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