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Previous editions

History of previous editions of the Malaga Festival

4 Edition

01 to 09 June 2001

Spanish cinema has its sights set on the Malaga Festival, which in record time has positioned itself as the favorite space of the audiovisual sector in our country. Novice and established filmmakers praise the dimension that has become available in such a short time. taking the Málaga contest, whose fourth edition was commissioned by Málaga. the opening of the film ‘Son de mar’, a film by Bigas Luna starring Jordi Mollá; and Leonor Wattling.

2001 was the year of ‘Sin vergüenza’, a comedy by Joaquín Oristrell which, in addition to winning the Golden Biznaga for best film, also won awards for best actress, who received its protagonist, Verónica Forqué, and for the best script.

Filmmaker Mónica Laguna received an award for the award. the Silver Biznaga for Best Director for “El Juego de Luna”, while the award for Best Male Performance went to Biel Durán for his work in “Más pena que gloria”. The first feature film by Gonzalo López Gallego, Nómadas’, won two awards: the Special Jury Prize and the one for best photography. The recognition of the public in the list of winners went to the tape ‘No return’ (No turning back), by Jesús Nebot and Lindsay Price.

At his then 79 years of age, the unforgettable José – Luis López Vázquez received an award. He received the Homenaje Award from the Malaga Festival in an emotional gala in which the public surrendered to him. I applauded the master of interpretation. The retrospective section this year had as its object the extensive filmography of producer Andrés Vicente Gómez and director of photography Javier Aguirresarobe, responsible for the aesthetics and tonality of films such as ‘El perro del hortelano’, ‘The apple of your eye’ or ‘The Others’ the Ricardo Franco Award.

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La actriz Charo López posa con una biznaga en la alfombra roja del Festival 

El director de fotografía Javier Aguirresarobe recibió el Premio Ricardo Franco 

La filmografía del productor Andrés Vicente Gómez protagonizó la retrospectiva del cuarto Festival de Málaga 

La película ‘Son de mar’, del realizador Bigas Luna, fue la encargada de inaugurar la cuarta edición del Festival de Málaga 

José Luís López Vázquez recibió el Premio Homenaje del cuarto Festival de Málaga 

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