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L'últim jazz

Berta Subirats Viñals, Helena Oller Biurrun


WRITING Berta Subirats Viñals
CINEMATOGRAPHY Abril Martí Ballabriga
MUSIC Ivan Joanals i Ametllet
EDITION Júlia Gómez i Fortiana
CAST Xavier Raya Ortiz, Pau Casacuberta Villodres
SYNOPSIS Manel is not afraid of death. He has been preparing himself for when it comes. Nevertheless, the last moment scares him. He doesn't know how it will be... Do you choke out of breath? Is it a chest pain? Oriol has always been the brother that Manel doesn't have. They have grown together until their adulthood. During a spring afternoon, they have an amusing sincere conversation, where they can be honest with each other, from a place where only an imminent death can propitiate.
Berta Subirats Viñals She has always imagined stories and scenes. In addition to practicing as a psychologist, she is a screenwriter. Among her projects, she has written several microtheater scripts, where she has also worked as a playwright. She has trained in the field of writing both in theatrical and audiovisual scripts and in narrative writing of stories and novels. FILMOGRAPHY L'últim jazz (2023)
Helena Oller Biurrun She has studied Bilingual Audiovisual Communication at the University of Navarra. Subsequently, she decided to specialize in the master's degree in Film Direction at ESCAC, where her short film Tardor was awarded a scholarship by the center's production company and premiered at the latest edition of the D'A Film Festival. She is currently working at Filmin. FILMOGRAPHY L'últim jazz (2023)

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