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La diosa quebrada

Ximena Pereira


Day 03 at 21:00 - Sala de Turismo y Deporte de Andalucía


COUNTRY Venezuela, Chile
PRODUCTION Ximena Films, Carolina Dávila de Creaciones Animadas, Salvaje Films
WRITING Ximena Pereira, Daniel Paz Mireles
CINEMATOGRAPHY Jackson Elizondo, Giuliano Salvatore, Eduardo Viloria
MUSIC La Pequeña Revancha, Claudia Lizardo
EDITION Daniel Paz Mireles, Ximena Pereira
CAST Ximena Pereira, Margot Tejada, Aracelis Cisneros, William Andrade, Juan Antonio Villalba, Eloy Marchán, Jorge Gómez
SYNOPSIS The myth of María Lionza, the goddess of Venezuela, merges with the experience of a migrant filmmaker who yearns for her lost Goddess. Over two decades of filming, the movie unveils the different facets of the fracture of the iconic Goddess statue amidst a Caracas marked by acute political and social divisions. Different times come together to explore a rupture that is not just that of a statue. It is the story of Venezuela and of every Venezuelan who feels torn by a war that never belonged to them. It is also the wound of those who live in the nowhere of a migrant life.
Ximena Pereira

A Chilean-Venezuelan filmmaker with experience in fiction short films, documentaries, and TV documentaries. Her first fiction short film, Azul naranja, 1996, was selected for the Huesca International Film Festival, the Huelva Latin American Film Festival, and the Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival, among others. Her second short film, Blanco antifaz, 2001, competed at the Sundance Film Festival and the Montreal World Film Festival in 2002. Her most recent work, Espacio moneda, 2013, won the best documentary short film award at the Mecal Short Film Festival in Santiago and participated in the Juan Downey competition at the Media Arts Biennial. She resides in Chile and maintains constant contact with Venezuela, her source of inspiration and the country where she grew up and studied, developing the initial part of her career.

FILMOGRAPHY Espacio moneda (short film, 2013), Catálogo sudaka (short film, 2010), Blanco antifaz (short film, 2000), Azul naranja (short film, 1996)

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