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La familia Benetón

Joaquín Mazón


Day 09 at 22:30 - Teatro Cervantes

Day 09 at 22:30 - Cine Albéniz - Sala 1

Day 09 at 09:00 - Cine Albéniz - Sala 1

Pass available to the audience on the day of the screening if seats remain available.


COUNTRY Spain, Mexico
PRODUCTION Atresmedia Cine, Bowfinger International Pictures, Glow Animation, Esto También Pasará, Mama Se Fue De Viaje La Pelicula AIE, BTF (ECB Servicios de Producción de SAPI)
WRITING Curro Velázquez, Benjamín Herranz
MUSIC María Vertiz
EDITION Jani Madrileño
CAST Leo Harlem, El Langui, Ali Dia, Diego Montejo, Gala Bichir, Meilin Chen, Kamsiyochi Ngene
SYNOPSIS Toni, a grumpy fifty year old, single and childless, avoids children at all costs. His life takes an unexpected turn when his sister dies and overnight he becomes the temporary guardian of her five adopted children, each from a different country and background. Toni will have to deal with cultural differences and the challenges of parenthood in the modern world, discovering that the real family is the one you choose.
Joaquín Mazón After being behind several series such as Con el culo al aire and Allí abajo, in 2016 he released his first feature film, Cuerpo de élite, achieving over one million viewers. And in 2018 comes the adaptation to television series, Cuerpo de élite: la serie, which becomes one of the main television bets in prime time. In 2021, he directed La vida padre, starring Karra Elejalde and Enric Auquer, his second feature film, which again becomes a box office success. In 2023, he directed De perdidos a río and La Navidad en sus manos, which exceeded 500,000 spectators in its first month in theaters this Christmas. On March, will be released La familia Benetón, his latest film starring Leo Harlem and El Langui. FILMOGRAPHY La familia Benetón (feature film, 2023), De perdidos a río (feature film, 2023), La Navidad en sus manos (feature film, 2023), La vida padre (feature film, 2021), Cuerpo de élite: la serie (tv series, 2018), Allí abajo (tv series, 2015-2019), Cuerpo de élite (feature film, 2016), Con el culo al aire (tv series, 2012-2014)

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