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Como el mar

Nicolás Gil Lavedra


Day 08 at 21:30 - Multicines Rosaleda - Sala 2

Day 07 at 21:00 - Cine Albéniz - Sala 2

Pass available to the audience on the day of the screening if seats remain available.


WRITING Gustavo Gersberg, Zoe Hochbaum
CINEMATOGRAPHY German Nocella Cedes
MUSIC Hernán González Villamil, Nicolás Molla
EDITION Eliane Katz
CAST Sofía Gala Castiglione, Zoe Hochbaum, Carmen Maura
SYNOPSIS Azul and Paula just lost their mother. The older sister decides to cremate the body, but Azul is not satisfied and looks for money to pay for a burial. In her search, discovers a revealing photograph: Paula is actually not her sister, but her mother. Azul is shocked and wants to know about her father. Paula explains that it was a teenage romance when she escaped to Cabo Polonio. Azul's desire to meet him and Paula's guilt for lying will make them embark on a trip to Uruguay.
Nicolás Gil Lavedra Buenos Aires, 1983. Producer, screenwriter, and director. Lost Identity, his first short film, was officially selected in more than twenty festivals. Then he directed a documentary for the public television, Present History. In 2011, he directed True Truths, his debut film based on the life of Estela de Carlotto, president of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, officially selected in more than thirty festivals. In 2015, filmed an epilogue with Estela and her grandson Guido after more than 36 years of searching. In 2014, made the short film Fragments, part of Malvinas 30 Miradas, which premiered at Mar del Plata Festival. In 2018 he premiered in Argentina and Spain the film Las grietas de Jara, an adaptation of Claudia Piñeiro's novel. Como el mar is his third movie. FILMOGRAPHY Como el mar (feature film, 2023), Las grietas de Jara (feature film, 2018), Fragmentos (short film, 2014), Verdades verdaderas (feature film, 2011), Identidad perdida (short film, 2007)

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