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El culpable: redención

Jorge Porras


Day 07 at 19:00 - Rectorado UMA

Freen entry while seating is available

WRITING Jorge Porras
MUSIC Ángel Mælak
EDITION Jorge Porras
CAST Jorge Porras, Jose Torregrosa, Sergio Coca, Miguel Martín
SYNOPSIS After devastating events, the Sun Coast remains under the shadow of violence unleashed by the criminal gang known as 'The Cauca'. Inspector Samuel Alarcón grapples with a moral dilemma as he seeks redemption for his actions and races against time to uncover the truth. Struggling to confront his past demons, he becomes entangled in a new murder case that pushes him to the edge of his moral convictions.
Jorge Porras He is a spanish actor and director from Malaga, entered in the world of cinema in 2015. He trained at various film schools and attended masterclasses with figures like Macarena Astorga and Antonio Dechent. His distinctive profile has made him a sought-after face for a wide range of characters in various audiovisual productions. He has appeared in around twenty feature films, television series, and short films. He has been involved in productions such as Toy Boy (Antena 3), Kosta The Paradise (Orange), The Snow Girl (Netflix) and Urban (Prime Video), as well as independent projects like Culprit (Amazon Prime), which he co-directs, The Tarifa Connection, and Akemarropa, screened at the Málaga Film Festival in 2017. FILMOGRAPHY El culpable (feature film, 2021)

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