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El caracol y su entorno

Marta Murillo Medrano


Day 05 at 16:00 - Teatro Echegaray


WRITING Marta Murillo Medrano
CINEMATOGRAPHY Marta Murillo, María Cariñanos González, Paula Cobos Molina
MUSIC Valentin Murillo Medrano
EDITION Jose Antonio López Lozano
DISTRIBUTION Jóvenes Realizadores: Distribuidora de Cortometrajes
SYNOPSIS In the evening, you can see buildings in Cordoba, which do not represent tourism or the monumentality of the worthy city. In it you can see citizens who live in those neighborhoods far from the typical and topical postcard of Cordoba. Traditional snail stalls appear. Leisure places. A neighborhood life, of talk and of wine 'media' that describe the image of those places versus what is imposed in these times of design and new gastronomy.
Marta Murillo Medrano

Fuente del Arco, Badajoz. May 11, 1973. She graduated in BBAA with the specialty of Image at the University of Barcelona in 1997 and later she studied the Specialty of Cartoons at the ECAM in Madrid. She collaborated with different tasks of production, cinematography with the Intermedia Producciones in Seville and at the same time continued his audiovisual training in different public and private entities. Currently he continues to produce on a very personal level. Since 2001 he has been a specialist teacher in Audiovisual Media in arts schools.

FILMOGRAPHY Of Cuts (short film, 2010), Traveling... (animated, 2009), El paso (short film, 1997), Health Through Garlic and Lemon (short film, 1997), Duble vía (short film, 1996)

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