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Nada sobre meu pai
(Nada sobre mi padre)

Susanna Lira


Day 05 at 21:00 - Sala de Turismo y Deporte de Andalucía


PRODUCTION Modo Operante Produções
WRITING Susanna Lira
MUSIC Flavia Tygel
EDITION Victor Abreu, Edt.
DISTRIBUTION Modo Operante Produções
INTERNATIONAL SALES Modo Operante Produções
SYNOPSIS Nothing About My Father reveals the search from the movie director Susanna Lira for the story of her father, whom she never knew. Daughter of a young Ecuadorian guerrilla fighter who came to Brazil to fight against the military dictatorship in the 1970s, Susanna travels to Quito, her father's birthplace, and exposes her story to dozens of Ecuadorian press vehicles. In this road movie, she meets potential parents who respond to advertisements in the press.  
Susanna Lira Filmmaker, with a postgraduate degree in Philosophy, International Law and Human Rights, specializing in Criminal Biopolitics. She is a master student in Psychoanalysis. She has directed 15 feature films and dozens of short films and series. His most prominent films are: A mãe de todas as lutas in 2021; Prazer em conhecer in 2020; Torre das donzelas in 2018; Mussum, um filme do Cacildis also in 2018. Her last short film, Socorro, was selected for the Competitive Show at the Festival de Gramado. Over a 20-year career, she has worked for major vehicles directing series. She has a long and recognized career as a director, having even been honored in several countries. In Brazil, she was honored in 2021 with the Mostra Susanna Lira, organized by the Infinitto Festival. FILMOGRAPHY Socorro (short film,2022), A mãe de todas as lutas (largometraje, 2021), Prazer em conhecer (largometraje, 2020), Amnestia (short film,2019), Mussum, um filme do Cacildis (feature film, 2019), Meu corpo é mais (feature film, 2018), Torre das donzelas (feature film, 2018), Legítima defesa (feature film, 2017), Intolerância.Doc (feature film, 2016), Mataram nossos filhos (feature film, 2016), Não saia hoje (feature film, 2016), Levante! (feature film, 2015), Apátridas (feature film, 2015), Porque temos esperança (feature film, 2014), Damas do samba (feature film, 2013), Uma visita para Elizabeth Teixe (short film,2011), Contracena (feature film, 2010), Positivas (feature film, 2009), Mãos de vento e olhos de dent (short film,2008), Em direção à Ithaka (short film,2006), Câmera, close (short film,2006)

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