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La Caravana

Núria Clavero, Aitor Palacios


Day 03 at 19:00 - Sala de Turismo y Deporte de Andalucía


COUNTRY Spain, Mexico
PRODUCTION Cabal Films, Trueday Films, Zafiro Cinema
WRITING Núria Clavero, Aitor Palacios
CINEMATOGRAPHY Miriam Ortiz Guzman
MUSIC Miquel Coll i Trulls
EDITION Jim Loomis
DISTRIBUTION Sideways Film, Juno Films
INTERNATIONAL SALES Sideways Film, Juno Films
SYNOPSIS Eight months pregnant, Yuri, her son Santi, and her partner Mike, flee Honduras with the first migrant caravan. Determined to give birth in the United States, they escape the poverty and violence that proliferates South America along with 7,000 others. Full of hope, they face a dangerous journey of 5,000 kilometers to reach one of the most heavily defended borders in the world.
Núria Clavero, Aitor Palacios

They are the co-directors and producers of La Caravana, their debut feature film. They have participated in several workshops and festivals, including DocsMx ImpactLab, MestizoLab, and the Carlos Velo Workshop. They won the Coral Award for post-production at the Havana Film Festival and also secured the Int'l Buyers Screenings at MIPDOC in Cannes. In June 2023, they premiered their feature film La Caravana at the prestigious Shanghai International Film Festival and were nominated for best international documentary at the DOCNYC festival. The Latin American premiere took place at the prestigious Havana Film Festival, Cuba.

FILMOGRAPHY La Caravana (documentary, 2023)

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