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22 January 2024
Culture as joy and non-productive ages are the heart of the Malaga de Festival 2024 Programme
MaF hosts more than 125 cultural events from the 8th to the 29th of February involving almost 150 creators

Malaga de Festival (MaF), the expanded programme of the Malaga Festival, which takes place before its 27th edition, strengthened its big interest in building public conversation thanks to the activities that its programme involves. At the same time, it renews, edition after edition, its collaborative nature to create a city model through contemporary cultural practice. This year's edition invites you to analysis and reflection around two discursive axes, culture as joy and non-productive ages: childhood and old age. Thus, from the 8th to the 29th of February, MaF organises more than 125 activities related to the different artistic categories that will take place in the districts of Malaga and in which almost 150 creators will participate.
Teatro Echegaray was the setting for the MaF 2024 presentation, organised by Malaga City Council and Malaga Procultura in collaboration with ‘la Caixa’ Foundation. The event was attended by the Malaga Festival director, Juan Antonio Vigar; the territorial manager of ‘la Caixa’ Foundation in Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla, Juan Carlos Barroso; and the director of CaixaBank's Business Area in Malaga, Luis Felipe Siles.
On the 8th of February, Cine Albéniz will host the concert by _juno, an artistic project by Zahara and Martí Perarnau. Their low-intensity electronic pop music aims to highlight the value of the intimacy and its circumstances, which they will introduce to concert attendees through the presentation of _BCN747.
Julia Martín, a creator from Malaga who took her first artistic steps at MaF, and Angela Hoodoo will close this edition of MaF on the 29th of February at Teatro Echegaray. Thus, it reinforces one of this year's two slogans, to show culture as a space for joy, while at the same time shows the quality of local creators and their career.
Tickets for both concerts, priced at €20 and €15 respectively, are on sale at Teatro Cervantes and Cine Albéniz box offices and online through Uniticket.
The interventions at the Centre Pompidou Málaga and the Collection of the Russian Museum have been designed in this edition by two creators with extensive experience, Javier de Juan and Jorge Fin. They will show the character and strength of the importance of contemporary creation.
Science, technology and thought
In the Science, Technology and Thought sections we will have such relevant names as the British lawyer and expert in digital human rights Susie Alegre; the former Minister of Culture César Antonio de Molina; the novelist Berta Dávila and the philosopher and cultural theorist Margot Rot, among others. We will take these dialogues, among others, to Espacio 42 de la Fundación Telefónica in Polo Digital, the SEAP and the Museum Jorge Rando.
Why childhood? Why old age?
The current productive model on which Western societies are based, marked by the bond's speed and deterioration, is causing our models of coexistence to displace childhood and old age to the social margins. To debate these issues, we will have the philosopher Azahara Alonso, author of the acclaimed essay 'Gozo', the experts José Mendiola and Ana González, the writer Andrés Neuman, the architect, and urban planner Susana García Bujalance and the economist Enrique Benítez Palma, among others. Some venues for these activities will be Ateneo de Málaga, the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga and the Colegio de Graduados Sociales from Malaga y Melilla.
The in-house production cycle Discordances - whose name comes from the geologist James Hutton's theory on the ages of the earth - allows MaF to reinforce its other feature as a laboratory of artistic creation and ideas, thanks to the dialogue between creators who use different languages and come from different categories. In the Collection of the Russian Museum, we will explore old age’s roots, the loss of memory, the memory we leave in objects. All this thanks to the collaboration between the director of the Filmoteca de Catalunya, Esteve
Riambau, who will screen his 'Vidres de colour', in a clear dialogue with the musical audacity of Eduardo Aguirre de Cárcer Garaikoetxea and the literature of Nuria Barrios. This cycle will also occupy the Sala Unicaja de Conciertos María Cristina thanks to the collaboration between Carlos Contreras, Emilio Mula and Martín de Arriba.
Programme for the little ones
Andrés Neuman and Isabel Bono will speak with the children of CEIP Doctor Fleming, in the BPM 'Manuel Altolaguirre', in a small meeting with special MaF authors. The word ‘small’ acquires a special prominence, not only because of the comeback of the famous 'Pequepinchadas' to the programme, but also because of the leisure activities that the little ones have as main characters: 'Esa peli me suena... ¡Kids!', the new proposal of Peneque or a pioneering experience in the English Cemetery by Elena Lekuona: 'Cuentos que sanan: afrontar la muerte' (Stories that heal: facing death). Children will also be the protagonists of the special MaF concert by the Fundación Musical Málaga with the Escolanía del Orfeón Preuniversitario de Málaga in its courtyard of columns.
Culture is joy, celebrating life
The Malaga Festival aims to highlight the professional network of the city, the work of its creators whose careers are linked to the Malaga Festival, while inviting society to protect one of its most precious assets: culture and its practice. We will be talking about these issues in the Museo Picasso Malaga Auditorium with José Antonio Marina, who will be introducing his new essay, 'Historia de las soluciones'. This venue will host another of the highlights of this edition, the conversation with the German novelist Bernhard Schlink, who will present his new work, 'La nieta’. We will round off the programme in this space with the classic Versometraje.
The poet Aurora Luque will present 'Después de safo' at the Centro Andaluz de las Letras. Under this header, Malaga de Festival in collaboration with the Hotel AC Málaga Palacio creates a laboratory of thought that seeks the dialogue of creators from Malaga from different generations.

Another of the highlights of this edition is the Ángeles Sioli's exhibition 'Acrobáticas', which reflects on the cycles of women's lives at the MVA Cultural Centre. In San Telmo, Ana Lessing will create a musical, sound and corporeal universe to reflect on memory.
The POOUS, on the 24th of February, reaches its sixth edition, this time with the support of the Fundación Malaga and once again promoted by José Kipfer and his Kipfer & Lover. This activity has the support of the LGTBQ+ community and is indeed launched to reclaim the significance of individual and collective sexual freedom.
To address this matter, we will have names such as Christo Casas, Jesús Pascual, Pink Chadora, Juan Naranjo, La Chachi, Quentin Gas and Iván Periáñez. The latter will be, along with Lourdes Gálvez del Postigo, at Espacio 42 to discuss Cosmosonoridades, other cultural practices linked to flamenco, miscegenation and other anthropologies. This will take place on the 20th of February, the day before Olivier Arson and Paloma Peñarrubia explain at this venue how a film can be told through an OST.
This edition also wanted to pay tribute to local creators who took their first steps at the MaF or whose careers were boosted thanks to the collaboration with the Malaga Festival. At the SEAP we will have an exhibition by Míster Kaikus curated by La Casa Amarilla, David Burbano and Roy Laguna; another by Alejandro Montiel curated by Sara Sarabia, and lastly, Galería Taller Gravura and the Faculty of Fine Arts will host two exhibitions by Juan Escudero and Alejandro Cantalejo. Other well-known MaF artists will be Marity Manzanera, Pedro Okña and The Lonely People.
And we will once again have the special MaF Vermut-O-Rama, led by Dani Drunkorama. In this edition, Eh, Mertxe! and Fuzz Division will be the protagonists of this event that occupies two venues in the city, Drunkorama and Sala Pastrami.
Full programme:


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