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Home27 Edition | Documentaries Out of CompetitionOuka Leele. El viaje de una estrella.

Ouka Leele. El viaje de una estrella.

Bárbara Mateos, Jesús Jiménez


Day 05 at 20:30 - Centro Cultural Mª Victoria Atencia


WRITING Bárbara Mateos, Jesús Jiménez
CINEMATOGRAPHY Antonio Urrea, Pascual Barraca, Ángel Pérez, Felipe Romero, Mario Gómez, Francisco Javier Ginés, Tania Arrilliaga, Alberto Novo, José Antonio Gómez, David Santiago, Sergio Rodríguez
MUSIC Sergio de la Puente
EDITION Javier Díaz Canales
SYNOPSIS Ouka Leele was known as the photographer of the Movida Madrileña. A groundbreaking artist who brought color to the Spain emerging from the dictatorship with her unique way of creating and painting photographs. Rebellious and a fighter, marked by the pulse between life and death, she overcame cancer at the age of 20 and managed to raise her daughter alone, while her career achieved international recognition. An essential figure in Spanish photography, she was a pioneer in opening new paths in art.
Bárbara Mateos Filmmaker and colorist, trained in Fine Arts, UCM, and has a master in Film at ECAM, debuted with her first documentary: Ad Ventum in 2017. Selected for the Film Academy Residencies in 2021 with her next documentary Sin embargo, te quiero. She combines her work as a filmmaker with television. As a filmmaker for she has made Nosotrxs somos in 2019 and Ouka Leele: viaje de una estrella in 2024. FILMOGRAPHY Ouka Leele. El viaje de una estrella (documentary, 2024), Nosotrxs somos (documentary, 2019), Ad ventum. Hacia el viento (documentary, 2017)
Jesús Jiménez In 2024, he works as co-director and co-writer of the documentary Ouka Leele. El viaje de una estrella. Writer of the Inocente, Inocente gala in 2009. In 2004 he wrote the short film El banco and in 1994 director and co-writer of the short film Por la mano. Since 2009 editor of the cultural section of FILMOGRAPHY Ouka Leele. El viaje de una estrella (documentary, 2024)

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