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Current News

13 November 2023
The return of Chambao, Shinova with Valira, La Bien Querida and Lia Kali with Vera GVR will fill with music the 27th Malaga Festival
The event brings back its FM Festival with four concerts at Sala Paris 15 from the 1st to the 10th of March 2024

Malaga Festival brings back its FM Festival concerts, with four dates at Sala Paris 15 featuring representative artists from the Spanish independent scene. In collaboration with Sala Paris 15 itself and Crash Music, on the 1st of March FM Festival opens at the same time as the 27th Malaga Festival with a special night that will bring us back Chambao. They will be followed by Shinova with Valira on the 2nd of March; La Bien Querida on the 9th, and Lia Kali with Vera GVR on the 10th of March.

Tickets for the four concerts will be on sale from today Monday at Tickets for Chambao will have an introductory price of €20 for the general ticket and €50 for the VIP ticket (including meet & greet). For Shinova with Valira, €24; La Bien Querida for €22 and Lia Kali with Vera GVR for €15.

The return of Chambao

The story that started more than 20 years ago, when Flamenco Chill transformed the sound and our lives forever, is back. There have been many songs, many records, many concerts, and many experiences that have brought La Mari to where she is today. More than 20 years of experience that have shaped the artist as a reference and an icon of Spanish music inside and outside our borders. This 2023, La Mari has returned with the new Chambao album in a necessary review of the most exciting moments of her recent years, with a very special tour in Spain, Latin America, and Europe.

Shinova and Valira

One of the most promising and increasingly successful bands on the Spanish scene, Shinova, will take the stage of Sala Paris 15 together with Valira on the 2nd of March. It won't be their first time together, as the Valencian band's new single, 'Frente al latido', features the collaboration of Gabriel from Shinova in a song with a rock soul where the heart and emotions prevail over reason.

Shinova has just released 'Alas' (Warner Music), the first preview of their new album 'El Presente' (Warner Music, March 2024). With an avant-garde and international sound, the first single from this new work by Shinova clarifies the sonic and thematic concept of the album: powerful, melodic and with a round and direct chorus. This latest album has been produced in collaboration with Manuel Colmenero, who also had a fundamental role in the Biscayan band's previous album.

La Bien Querida

'Papprika' is the seventh and long-awaited album by La Bien Querida, which we will hear on the 9th of March at Sala Paris 15. ‘La Perra del Hortelano’ was the first track we heard of 'Paprika' back in May, the album with which the band debuted on the Sonido Muchacho record label. The track itself is a declaration of intent. It sets the tone of the album and at the same time sets the tone of his latest releases. This half-time track is nourished by extremes in a text that, in the words of Ana Fernández-Villaverde herself, tells of ‘all the women who live in her’. Victim and executioner, good and bad, all or nothing, it all depends on how you look at it and who is looking. Eleven are the songs that make up La Bien Querida's new album. Eleven songs with capital letters, the kind you won't forget and that will get you forever.

Lia Kaki and Vera GVR

One of the most requested voices on the scene, Lia Kali, will present her long-awaited first solo album on the 10th of March in a concert that will bring us another young voice, Vera GVR from Almeria. Lia Kali discovered music at home and at the age of 16 she travelled to all the jams in Barcelona on her bicycle. It is in the jams where she met many musicians and artists from the Barcelona music scene, and where she met reggae, jazz, soul, and rap. Since then, she has never stopped singing. She makes the leap from jams to other stages with different projects, such as the tribute to Amy Winehouse, and that's how she reaffirms her romance with the stage: that's where she belongs. With the pandemic, she started writing her own songs and discovered the personal healing that the process involves. This is how Lia Kali began to compose the soundtrack to her everyday falls and how collaborations with Lupita's Friends, Sofia Gabanna, Santa Salut, Elane, Hard GZ, Denom, Delaossa and many others began to shower her.



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